Monday, 16 January 2012

Natural History Museum - The Power Within

This exhibition explores the power the comes from within the earth such as volcanos and earthquakes.

There are a lots of different samples of rocks which have been formed through different methods by the earth. You can touch nearly all of these, and being able to feel them really helps you to understand the different types of rock and the impact of some of the intense elements on the planet. My favourite was the Obsidian glass, an opaque black glass which is formed by a volcano.

You can also experience what an earthquake would have felt like in a Japanese supermarket. For those  who have never experienced one, the shaking whilst watching video of a real earthquake can give you an indication of how a real earthquake would feel. There are also

I enjoyed this exhibition as it has a lot to look at and it has that element of being cool because it is about volcanos and earthquakes.

I will update this post with more detail information on my next visit.

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